Zet is the other, more low key half of team Val. Zet used to work on the school newspaper with Zoppy until Val asked him to join his campaign. Taking a chance Zet agreed to help Val and the two became friends. Even though Val does all the talking, Zet is no less dedicated or important to the cause. Zet simply realizes he personally lacks the charisma to win a class election on his own. As vice-class president (A position Val invented for Zet after taking office) Zet helps Val with his duties as class president as well as assists with his constant bid for re-election. Zet shoots down Val's more "pie in the sky" ideas and helps him organize his more realistic ones.

Never one for sitting still, Zet still occasionally helps out with other groups such as the school news paper and can usually be counted on to help in extra curriculars where he can. Zet is quite proud of the fact that as a faerie he is one of the few winged students in class not to have either bat or bird like wings and works hard to be one of the top students in flight class.

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