A theoretical picture of what the Vent Troll may look like.

The Vent Troll is a creature that the Night School student Boone believes is living in Kojo Academy's ventilation system. According to Boone, the Troll is long and thin and its arms can touch the ground even from the hallway ceiling. He mentions that it drools a lot and leaves puddles on the ground, while the teachers contend that the building is old and some of the pipes leak. Boone is afraid that the Troll intends to eat the children that attend the night classs, and is very active in trying to defeat the Troll somehow. His only major setback is hardly anyone actually believes the Vent Troll exists and chalk it up to Boone having an entirely too active imagination. Therefore he is on a constant mission to prove the Vent Troll exists, to the point of declaring some students that are not attending this year have been consumed by the troll.