Simon Cruize

Simon is Kojo Academy's single human student. Humans are very scarce in the NS universe due to a disaster that destroyed the continent upon which most humans lived. As such humans are now something of an oddity.

Simon goes to Night School not because he couldn't go to day school but because he chooses to. Simon is very much a loner and hates the crowded day school classes. Like all humans in the NS universe Simon is free flowing with mana which is why his hair is blue at the moment instead of its natural color.

Simon feels very much alone and while he doesn't have any friends per sé, he feels a certain kinship with the Night School class as a whole. He largely avoids most students as they tend to ask him for magical favors but for some reason always seems to make an exception for Emily-Lynn's requests, though they rarely turn out the way she hopes.


  • Simon's name is a reference to the Castlevania video game series of which both the author and the artist are a fan of.