School Nights is a quasi fan comic of Night School on Drunk It is written by the authors of Night School but drawn by fans, (though Amy Stroffolino the main comic's author will occasionally draw a strip as well).

Unlike the main comic the pages are not uniform size, nor were they written to be, and tend to focus more on one page jokes or short storylines no more then a few pages.

Although offically the comic is not cannon and is meant to just be amusing jokes with the NS characters very often elements for School Nights make their way into the main comic. Examples of this include Azure's crush on Ms. Amelius and Sybil's Calvin and Hobes like goal with escaping from school. In fact several characters have appeared in the fan comic before they appeared in the main NS comic.

The comic undates infrequently due to its fan driven nature. Individuals who want to draw a page for the series are asked to PQ the authors for a script.