Ms. Seloria is a special teacher assigned to Kojo Academy's night class by the Tyfanas Government. Her purpose their is not only to educate the students but to ensure that the teachers, facilities etc. are up to the T.C.A.'s standards. This, and her very high opinion of herself, often puts her at odds with the other members of the facalty.

Ms. Seloria is very loyal to the T.C.A. and feels very positively about its schools. So much so that she is frequently offering back handed compliments to the night school and the students in it, since after all it is only a private school. While on the surface she always tries to be kind and professional there is a certain tention between herself and Professor Ezriel whom she considers a negative influence on the children.

Ms. Seloria has a small halo of sprites which follow her around and frequently make commentary on her actions or speculating on the situations they find themselves in.