Slightly disturbing

Ezri is a strange student. He has many friends, but none of them are the students he goes to school with. Both of Ezri's parents died in the Warlock's War, and he lives with his rather neglectful uncle who is a taxidermist. Having grown up around dead animals he has become rather desensitized to them and thinks them no different than stuffed animals, and has a habit of taking the ones he finds in the forest along with him, treating them as though they are alive. Ezri tends to also make his opinion and feelings heard through his animal "friends", which he says talk to him. He also likes to make strange monster creatures by mixing and matching parts. Ezri is fascinated in science and has tried to resurrect his animal friends in the past, but has thus far failed. He does not think of his pets as dead and becomes defensive if anyone tries to convince him or take them away. He is not a bad student by any means, but his offputting habit of collecting and talking to dead animals makes him hard to connect with.