Damianos needs hugs

Damianos, or Dami as he is sometimes called, is yet another orphan attending Night School. However the circumstances of his dilema are unclear as to whether he was abandoned or lost by his parents, since he cannot recall anything about his life from almost before he was found. A few years ago when he was found by a TCA officer in the rubble of the capitol during reconstruction, laying unconcious with his wings almost bare of their feathers. He is very protective of his remaining feathers and very self-concious about their appearance. He collects feathers he finds to try and assemble himself new wings.

Damianos is very curious about his surroundings and reacts to many things as if it is the first time he has seen them. He is rather an emotional child who seems to be extremely unlucky. He is one of the younger students in the class and tends to follow around Nigel, who is a fellow orphan.